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Dr. Tommy Wood

Neuroscientist, Researcher, and Athletic Performance Consultant

About Me

When people ask me who I am and what I do, I say something along the lines of “neuroscientist, performance coach, and elite-level professional nerd”. I currently work as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience at the University of Washington, where my laboratory focuses on brain health across the lifespan – conducting research that focuses on ways to treat a range of brain injuries. This includes babies born preterm, adults who experience brain trauma, and the confluence of factors that can affect long-term cognitive function and risk of dementia.

I received a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, a medical degree from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in Physiology and Neuroscience from the University of Oslo. I have published dozens of scientific papers and lectured all over the world about brain health, metabolism, physical activity, and human performance. I have also spent more than a decade working as a performance consultant to professional athletes in multiple sports including several Olympians and world champions. Alongside my work in medicine and research, I have worked with several digital health and performance companies to develop easily accessible methods with which to track human health and longevity. I am also a founding trustee and director of the British Society for Lifestyle Medicine, which is the fastest growing lifestyle medicine society in the world, working to develop tools to empower physicians all over the world to improve the health of their local communities through simple lifestyle changes.

My eclectic CV and background cover a variety of different disciplines, from running a team of scientists as part of a neuroscience research program to being a health coach working on-on-one with individuals struggling with a range of health conditions to helping large digital health companies develop ways to support individuals in building new habits and improve their health with small actions. From caring for dementia patients on the wards of St. Thomas’ Hospital in central London to helping Formula 1 drivers maintain focus and performance while driving at 200 miles per hour. Through podcasts and upcoming writing projects I aim to translate my experience and knowledge into actionable advice that anybody can implement to improve their brain health and overall wellbeing.

I currently live in Seattle, WA with my wife, Professor Elizabeth Nance, and our two energetic and goofy boxers, Bowen and Morgan. My hobbies include reading, cooking, lifting heavy things, and being the best dog dad possible. 


Research Areas of Interest

Brain Injury

Physiological and metabolic responses to brain injuries including neonatal brain injuries and adult traumatic brain injury and concussions.

Biomarkers of longevity and performance

Leveraging machine learning and large datasets to develop easily accessible methods in which to track biological aging.​

Physiological resilience

Environmental, lifestyle, and therapeutic interventions to increase healthspan.


2021 - 2022

Certificate in Applied Biostatistics

University of Washington

2013 - 2017

Ph.D. in Physiology and Neuroscience

University of Oslo

2007 - 2011

B.M. B.Ch. (Medical Degree) 

University of Oxford

2004 - 2007

B.A. in Natural Sciences (Biochemistry)

University of Cambridge

Professional Roles & Affiliations

Icelandic Health Symposium

2015 - Present

Board Member and Co-Founder

Journal of Insulin Resistance

2016 - Present

Editorial Board Member

Hintsa Sports Performance, Switzerland

2017 - Present

Performance Consultant

Hintsa Performance, Finalnd

2017 - Present

Scientific Advisory Board Member

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

2017 - Present

Director and Co-Founder

Department of Pediatrics

2018 - Present

Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Institute for Human and Machine Cognition

2018 - Present

Visiting Research Scientist

Thriva LLC, UK

2019 - Present

Digital Health Consultant

Life Style Medicine, Wiley Publishing

2019 - Present

Associate Editor


2019 - Present

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Sidekick Health, Iceland

2021 - Present

Digital Health Consultant

Graduate Program of Neuroscience

2021 - Present

Faculty Member, University of Washington

Division of Neonatology

2021 - Present

Director of Preclinical Research, University of Washington

Society for Pediatric Research

2021 - Present


Institute on Human Development and Disability

2023 - Present

Director of the Animal Behavior Core, University of Washington

Nourish Balance Thrive

2016 - 2019

Chief Scientific Officer

Department of Pediatrics

2017 - 2018

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Washington

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